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Location Aware
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Location Aware allows customers to request your services quickly with employee GPS tracking and "Uber" styled maps.


Use GPS technology to empower your business, connect with customers, and create a competitive advantage.

GPS Technology

Download our and applications and take advantage of geo tracking which enables outstanding service, saves on windshield time, and provides greater efficiency.

Employee Management

Human resources are your most valuable assets which makes it important to know where your employees are at all times.

Happy Customers

We live in a world of instant gratification, being able to know where people are is invaluable. Delivering your services on demand makes happy customers and gives you 5 star ratings.

How It Works

Location Aware will get you and your business up to speed with the latest technlogy quickly and efficiently.

Setup Your Company

Create your company and add any employees you would like to be GPS enabled.

Enable GPS Tracking

Copy 1 line of code unique to your company and have a live GPS map of your employees.

Connect with Customers...

Allow your customers to request your products and services via the GPS map on your site.

In 3 easy steps, your business will be more efficient, more advanced, and more user friendly.

One Low Price

Less than
$1/day per user!
Contact us for Pricing.
  • Price is per company and include:
    • 5 Mobile User
    • Free apps on both iOS and Android Platforms
    • 24/7 Tracking
    • Free code snippets to embed maps on your websites
    • Create and connect with networks of different companies
    • Receive job requests instantly from visitors clicking on your map
    • Includes customer survey
    • Mileage and activity reports

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